Plan to lure homesick Brits back to the UK

Marmite, love it or hate it, is frequently cited as the most-missed food by British expats. And it’s now being used by the Leicestershire Constabulary in a series of ads designed to lure former British police officers home.

The “Homesick and Away” campaign lists a number of things that a homesick British cop might be missing. Also on the list is the Sunday Roast, Marks & Spencer underwear and real ale.

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The Era of the Compulsory ID Card Has Begun

This week saw the beginning of a new era in the UK, as the first of the country’s new compulsory ID cards were issued to some foreigners living there.

The first recipients of the new cards are some students and the husbands and wives of Permanent Residents who apply to extend their visas. The British government expects to have issued 500,000 cards by April next year and over 3 million by 2010.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said: “In time, identity cards for foreign nationals will replace paper documents and give employers a safe and secure way of checking a migrant’s right to work and study in the UK.”

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Skilled Migrants Bring Knowledge and Diversity to Horticulture

British horticulture is suffering a skills shortage, like many other industries in the UK and is searching for skilled migrants to fill its labour gaps. However, an article by the leading horticultural recruitment agency AndersPlus, argues that the industry is actually benefiting from the exchange of international staff in more ways than filling jobs.

What began as a need to close the skills gaps by looking further afield for a skilled and available workforce has now become an exchange of knowledge and techniques that will help the industry answer the challenges of increased demand and climate change. And many of those horticultural movers and shakers are moving to the UK from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

“Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans are generally all qualified and appropriate for relevant roles including landscape architects, and hard landscaping with trade skills such as paving, decking and carpentry. New Zealanders specifically tend to fill roles in horticultural plants and nurseries as qualified maintenance gardeners and soft landscapers,” says the article.

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The UK’s Most Scenic Cycle Routes

For anyone interested in cycling, the UK offers some incredibly interesting and beautiful routes, surrounded by incredible views and ancient history.

Here are four of the best:

Hadrian’s Cycleway, Cumbria takes riders through some historically important land and will reward with stunning views of Hadrian’s Wall and the Cumbrian countryside. (

The Tissington Trail, in Ashbourne, Derbyshire provides a flat, wooded cycle path along a disused railway line. It runs for 13 miles between Ashbourne and Parsley Hay, passing through some classic picturesqe country villages. (

The North Wiltshire Rivers Route, at Melksham in Wiltshire takes cyclers past the ancient and awesome Cherhill White Horse and the mythical Avebury Stone Circle. (

And the Kennet and Avon Canal’s towpath route, which has become Britain’s most popular waterside cycle trail, will take you all the way from Briston to Reading. (

There is masses to do recreationally in the UK. The countryside is beautiful and it can be a real treat to get out into it. Picturesque villages, country pubs, ancient pathways and trade routes, neolithic surprises, interesting flora and fauna, castles, and more and more and more!

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Christmas Lights Go On In London!

It’s just more excuses to have a street parties really. The build up to Christmas sees London illuminated with a huge array of spectacular light displays. To much fanfare and with the help of a current hot celebrity to flick the right switch, whole streets come to life, with street performers, carols, grottos and fireworks.

Oxford Street’s world famous lighting display was revealed last week, Bond Street and Marylebone High Street are following suit this week. There is also Covent Garden, Leadenhall Market, Westfield and Hampton Court. Plus the illuminating of arguably the most famous Christmas tree in the world, at Trafalgar Square (which officially marks the beginning of the festive season), will take place on 4th December, in what has become a definitve Christmas event in London.

Such festive fun! And it all looks so pretty!

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MP Calls for Review of New Immigration System

UK MP Keith Vaz has announced that the country’s new immigration system will be reviewed by the Home Affairs Committee, to ensure that it is working effectively.

Mr Vaz spoke of his concerns that the system has been introduced too quickly and that smaller companies interested in employing skilled migrants from outside the EU were unprepared to fulfill their legal commitments. Any business intending to employ from outside the EU has to be licensed to do so, Mr Vaz argues that not enough publicity has been made for them to understand this requirement.

Earlier this year the UK government conducted a complete overhaul of the immigration system, basing the new programme on the Australian Tiered system. It is intended to be more user friendly and is targeted towards easing entry for migrants whose skills are deemed to be in demand. For details of how to apply for a working visa for the UK, visit

Sophisticated Spy Gear Used In Immigration Exam Scam

Scotland Yard has recently uncovered a sophisticated hi-tech scam helping would-be immigrants to the UK to cheat in their “Life in the UK” immigration tests. It is estimated that the gangs involved in the scam are making hundreds of thousands of pounds a year using spy equipment to assist immigrants to pass the tests.

The scam came to light when passers-by alerted the police in Wimbledon to a BMW with wires leading from its bonnet into the body of the car. Upon investigating the officers discovered that laptops, transmitting devices and other surveillance equipment were being used to transmit answers to a man inside the Wimbledon Library, who was sitting his ‘Britishness’ test.

The test, which includes 24 multiple-choice questions and is taken on touch screen computers, is designed to prove that applicants are suitable for citizenship. Police are now investigating to see how deeply rooted the scam has become.

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